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What day is today! I just feel emotional and all I want is a happiness family with you. Waking up in the morning seeing your face, having breakfast and a cup of coffee together, then a morning kiss before going to work, all these simplicities can make me feel enough. 

I love lying on the bed and watching you doing your work. I want to read the book with you before we go to sleep. And I hope to end up my day with your tight hug every night. 

Be Who You are

Have you ever felt that you are not good enough? Felt depress with everything around? Why my life is not going well like the others?

Of course I’m sure that at least you used to feel like this once in life and so do I. But then I just remain myself that everybody has their own way, own life and why we have to compare ourselves with the other. They might have higher education than you but maybe you are better in social relation than them. Don’t be underestimate yourself. You have only one life so you should live happily and find all the value of your needs.

People can see your appearance and they can criticize on you, but only you know your inner. Built up your ability, emotion, and competence to find the real you in the future.

HENG Sokun-raksmey

Life in Laos

In the end of 2016, I was the only one Cambodian student selected to study the Master Mekong Pharma program which is supported by AUF and Pierre Fabre laboratory.

I have to move in Laos as the first year of this master is prepared in this country. It is not really difficult for me to live because Camdodian and Laos people have similar lifestyle and culture. However I feel sometimes lonely to live far from my family and to stay here alone.

The class started in a week after I arrived her. All the professors come from France and exactly the lessons are taught in French. The language is not any problem for me as I used to study French in my university and I also got the DELF B1. I can adapt well with this course.

In contrast, I find out that my skilled knowledge is limited. There are many science information that I don’t know. And a lot of new things I have to learn by myself.

I hope I will be more competent after I finish this master. Even I meet lots of obstacles but I will try my best to archive my dream becoming one professor in faculty of pharmacy.

HENG Sokun-raksmey